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About AIM Processing

AIM Processing is a custom plastic injection molding company that specializes in small plastic parts, which we define as anything between the size of your fingernail and your hand. From humble beginnings, we have grown steadily over 25 years to become a leader in the custom molded plastic parts industry and the go-to authority in our niche.

With 37 presses running 24-7, we complete work for more than 100 companies in a variety of industries throughout the U.S. and around the world. Most of our clients are manufacturers with 30–300 employees, looking for someone to support their engineers in the development of a new program. Our typical client has been a client for 10 years or longer.

In our history, we have helped several hundred customers launch nearly 2000 small plastic parts. Through this experience, our engineering and manufacturing teams excel at developing innovative solutions for our customers. We take pride in demonstrating three attributes for customers:

  • Our determination
  • Our appetite for innovation and creativity
  • Our focus on customer value through quality
We maintain an ISO 9001:2015 registered Quality Management System.


“Thank you for this, and the update you provided to me, and all that you and your team are doing to help us. I really, really appreciate it. This email does no justice! … You have a great group of folks there. You should be proud of the team you have in place.” 

Mike E. — Purchasing Manager, medical device company



AIM Processing was founded in 1993 with just two presses and two principals—a toolmaker and a plastics processor. The Longmont, Colorado area has been a hub of plastic injection molding since the 1960s, and the company grew by handling overflow work and challenging projects from other molders. We were a molder's molder, you might say, but word spread from plastics professionals impressed with our skill to manufacturers in need of parts. 

The company developed a reputation for handling complex projects, and quickly found its niche in custom injection molding. Customers with small plastic part needs in aerospace, electronic enclosures, and medical devices were soon knocking on our door.

  • By 1998, AIM moved to a 16,000 sqft facility with 5 presses and a full production staff. Showing exceptional forethought, the company adopted the stringent quality management practices of much larger organizations. Management understood that quality standards and the framework for company growth are easier to build early rather than retrofit later.

  • In 2006, AIM’s founders retired and sold the company to the present management. Shortly after, we added a sixth machine and a second shift to fulfill demand for our growing company.

  • In 2007, we acquired the operations of another area molder and blossomed into a 24-7 operation with 11 presses. By expanding our capacity, we were then able to compete on a global scale. Through our diverse customer and industry base, we have remained a 24-7 operation ever since.

  • In 2014, our business was bursting at the seams of our facility. We moved our entire operations to a new 40,000 sqft facility with 22 presses. In this exciting chapter of growth, we added many dedicated employees to further expand our plastic injection molding services and provide a robust business our customers can rely on.

  • In 2015, we added 4 more presses, giving us remarkable levels of scheduling flexibility across our machine range.
  • In 2018, we added 6 more presses and enhanced our staffing to set the standard for quality, delivery, and responsiveness. This brought our total to 32 presses with room and infrastructure to accommodate more growth.
  • In 2019, we added 5 net new machines and upgraded 7 others to bring our total to 37. Further, we made an enormous investment in automation capabilities that will help ensure our competitiveness in the global market.
  • In 2020, we upgraded 3 more machines to maintain our competitive edge in efficiency and quality.  We expanded our toolroom facility to support our growth in business.  We added two additional engineers to support our growing customer base.
  • In 2021, we expanded our finished goods warehouse from 5k sqft to 18k sqft, bringing our total building space to nearly 60k sqft.

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