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Custom Injection Molding Services

AIM Processing is a custom plastic injection molding company that specializes in small plastic parts—meaning anything between the size of your fingernail and your hand. If you’re looking for incredible attention to the finest details, technical experience throughout the development of your product, and flexibility within your current and future orders, we can give you what you need. 

Our business is open 24x7, operating our 37 state-of-the-art presses to produce the parts our customers need to run their business.  Check out these plastic injection samples to get a feel for our capabilities.


“The overmolded design has improved our manufacturing cost by 20%!”

Seth — industrial products


Custom Plastic Parts and Processes

AIM has some of the best and brightest professionals in the plastic molding industry. You can trust us to work alongside you to find creative design solutions that maximize both the quality and the efficiency of your plastic part, potentially saving you money in the process. For many of our customers, the plastic part we produce using custom injection molding is only one aspect of their custom molding project. We also provide them with a variety of secondary services.

Our experienced team of mechanical engineers have helped customers put nearly 2000 small plastic parts into production. We are here to help you complete your project with confidence.


“Color match is perfect!! Great job!!”

G.B. — Engineering Manager, product company


Helping You Deliver on Your Promises

We have worked with hundreds of organizations from all over the globe, providing them with excellent plastic parts. Although they have their pick of vendors, they continue to return to us because we go the extra mile to help them meet their business obligations with top quality plastic parts that are delivered on time and within budget.


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