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Leadership Team at AIM Processing

Great companies result when skilled, dedicated people are committed to a purpose and accountable for their results. Here is an introduction to some of the talented manufacturing professionals ready to make your custom plastic injection molding project a success.


President & Owner

Jon Gelston is the President and Owner of AIM Processing. He believes that a company built around the right people, processes, and technology can deliver high quality and outstanding service, cost effectively. Jon has held a variety of positions in electronics and industrial manufacturing and telecommunications. He enjoys working with customers to develop innovative solutions that improve the function and reliability of their plastic parts, while lowering the cost.  His biggest goal is to not only meet expectations, but exceed them, whether it's mass produced plastic parts or smaller batches.

Jon earned a Bachelors of Science with Distinction in Mechanical Engineering degree from Cornell University. He also has an MBA from The Wharton School, where he dual-majored in Finance and Operations & Information Management.


VP of Engineering and Quality

Greg Oberg is our VP of Engineering and Quality. Greg oversees our team of talented engineers as they help our customers move their concept to production. Greg is a creative problem solver who has a wide range of experience in production manufacturing processes.

He earned a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.


Production Manager

Mary Simms is our Production Manager, overseeing plastic molding operations and assembly work. A longtime employee at AIM, Mary has built our team of talented and dedicated production professionals that value our service-oriented culture. Mary’s leadership has been critical in building shifts that operate consistently, any time of the week.


Program Manager

Mindy Marsh is a Program Manager at AIM Processing. In this role, Mindy partners with customers to unearth all expectations so that the first parts have that “wow” effect. You can count on her to sweat the details of size, shape, fit, and color of what you are looking for no matter the amount you need to produce. Mindy has experience in other manufacturing processes, including precision casting.

She earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines.


Manufacturing Engineer

Greg Stevens is a Manufacturing Engineer at AIM Processing. Greg works with customers to ensure that their plastic injection mold design is the best it can be. Customers have found great value in Greg’s creative and “make it better” mind. Greg’s previous experience has included design and fabrication responsibilities of complex and tight-tolerance equipment. Greg is here to help you make sure your parts work together.

Greg earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at MSU Denver.


Customer Service and Shipping Manager

Chris Cornish is our Customer Service and Shipping Manager. Chris has decades of Customer Service, Account Management, Management and Project Manager experience. In bringing this expertise to AIM, she is able to provide superior service to our customers. Chris believes in being responsive. Her personal pet peeve is waiting to hear back when sending an inquiry so she strives to reply as quickly as possible to customers. She ensures the client has a quick and accurate response with the goal to build trust and lasting relationships with our customers.


Quality Manager

Jim Arnold is our Quality Manager, overseeing our ISO 9001 Quality Management System, part inspection activities, and quality injection molding improvement programs. Jim brings over 20 years of experience and discipline gained from a broad manufacturing background. At AIM, we ensure that we produce quality parts regardless of the quantity ordered, from large batches to small.


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