Top 5 Reasons to Partner with AIM Processing

As if our plastic injection molding services weren't enough, here are 5 reasons to partner with us:
  1. Our technical experience will save you time and money.

    Our engineering & technical staff is here to help you make the decisions that will make your small plastic part product a success. They can help you understand the tradeoffs between tooling & manufacturing costs and identify where you may have unnecessary costs in your small plastic part. Their expertise will get you into production with fewer iterations so you can start selling product sooner.

  2. Outside toolmaking, guaranteed by us, gives you the best balance of skill, cost, and delivery.

    While the one-stop shop used to be considered the way to go for design and production, we’ve led the way in a new, more project-specific approach that allows our customers to take advantage of the very specialized expertise of different toolmakers. No more getting stuck with a toolmaker that isn’t a fit.

  3. In selecting a small plastic part specialist, you avoid the higher overhead and extra costs of generalists.

    We're experts in small part plastic production and custom plastic injection molding. We are used to looking at plastic parts with a refined eye. Making parts with tolerances of +/- 0.001". Manufacturing pieces with holes the diameter of a hair. We also make unique custom plastic parts like overmolded sealing components that protect electronic components from water submersion. A "full-range" molder doesn't have our focused skill set, the small plastic part efficiency we bring to your project, or the ability to produce the highest quality parts at very cost-effective prices.

  4. As experts in overmolding, insert molding, and metal replacement, we are already experienced in complicated specialties.

    When overmolding and insert molding are done well, the results have an elegant simplicity. But getting to an impressive finished product can be challenging. We have extensive experience in these specialties and know how to fine tune a process to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for.

  5. We are big enough to deliver but small enough to take a personal interest in your success.

    Many of our customers could have their pick of vendors worldwide. They choose us for our 24x7 production capabilities and a level of responsiveness that is lacking in many larger operations. When the unexpected happens — a large unplanned order, a shortage of just a few parts — they know we'll go out of our way to help them. Whether it's stocking some extra parts for quick fulfillment or rescheduling a production run, we do what it takes to ensure they can meet their commitments.

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