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A Quick Introduction to Insert Molding

[fa icon="calendar"] May 10, 2016 12:35:03 PM / by Jon Gelston


Insert molding, or more accurately “plastic injection insert molding,” is a process in which viscous plastic is injected into a mold around one or more items. When the plastic cools and hardens, the result is an integrated assembly that incorporates these “inserts.” The items can be metal, ceramic, or any other type of material that can withstand the heat of the melted plastic and the pressure with which it is injected into the mold.

Insert molding can be performed using a wide range of inserts including:

  • Threaded fasteners
  • Tubes and studs
  • Bearings
  • Electrical components
  • Labels and decorations

After the molding process is complete, secondary operations can be performed on the units.

The Benefits of Injection Molding

Insert molding is a highly specialized skill that requires a mastery of the technique in order to produce viable assemblies. However, when executed well, it delivers a host of benefits, including:

Reduced assembly weight and size. Since no connectors, fasteners, soldering, or adhesives are required, finished pieces can be smaller and lighter.

Decreased labor costs. Insert molding a piece eliminates the need for a number of assembly steps, thereby reducing costs. Less labor also means assemblies can be ready for use in subsequent product production steps faster.

Improved part performance.  Again, as no connectors are used, there is no risk of components being insufficiently tightened or of them coming loose later. Insert molded parts have tremendous vibration and shock resistance.

Increased design flexibility. Insert molding gives designers virtually unlimited part configuration options.

In-mold labeling and decorating. Labels and decorations can be designed into an insert molded part to save a subsequent step in the production of a part.

Component-related cost reduction. With fewer pieces needed to produce an assembly, the overall cost is lower.

Talk with Our Insert Molding Specialists

Insert molding is a cost-effective technique that can provide an array of advantages. We’re well-known nationwide for our expertise in this area. If you’re considering insert molding for a project, give us a call.

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Jon Gelston

Written by Jon Gelston