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10 Most Popular Uses of Outdoor Electrical Enclosures

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 16, 2021 10:05:35 AM / by Jon Gelston

AIM plastic outdoor electrical enclosure

Our experienced team continually serves our customers, producing plastic parts for a variety of needs. One particular type of product, outdoor electrical enclosures, is commonly used across countless industries. Explore the ways that AIM Processing can meet all of your outdoor electrical enclosure needs, all of which are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

1. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures: Telecommunications

Outdoor electrical enclosures can be constructed as telecom cabinets to protect vital equipment from even the harshest of environments. Not only do these enclosures protect your electrical equipment from environmental hazards, such as water and debris, but telecom cabinet enclosures are also sturdy and lockable, providing sufficient protection against equipment theft and vandalism.

2. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures: Power Distribution

In essence, outdoor enclosures used for power distribution must be rain-tight, dust-tight, and proofed against icy conditions. Outdoor enclosures used for power distribution applications are sometimes depended upon by entire communities, which is why these common outdoor enclosures must be manufactured according to high standards.

3. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures: Construction and Traffic Management

Due to the reality that much of construction work occurs outdoors, the construction industry frequently requires outdoor electrical enclosures. In most instances, Type 3 NEMA enclosures are the standard for this industry, as these types of enclosures offer the correct amount of protection. Weather resistant-rated enclosure types are a necessity when hazard parts are involved.

4. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures: Wastewater Processing 

As an outdoor electrical enclosure manufacturer, AIM understands that a common use for our products pertains to wastewater processing. Because of this, we offer fiberglass-filled material options, which can be both a chemical-resistant and impact-resistant option. Since fiberglass can be installed in environments that are constantly wet, it is perfect for wastewater processing needs.

5. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures: Alternative Energy

As green energy becomes more and more prevalent, alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, must be accommodated. As an energy source that must be exposed to the environment constantly, solar panels require durable outdoor electrical enclosures that will stand the test of time from the effects of UV and extreme temperatures.

6. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures: Chemical Industry Applications

The chemical industry must account for a variety of corrosive substances. When electrical systems are in proximity or incorporated into chemical industry applications, it is crucial to use outdoor electrical enclosures that will offer significant corrosion protection and protection from the elements.

7. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures: Automation Sensors

From automation systems and processes used within the packaging industry to security sensors used outside of homes, automation sensors are becoming increasingly common in daily life. Outdoor electrical enclosures can be constructed to protect these useful products from even the harshest of environments to make our daily lives easier and safer.

8. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures: Marine Equipment

Not only does marine equipment face constant exposure to water, the marine industry also faces a comparable amount of exposure to salt and debris as well. Because of this, outdoor electrical enclosures must be used for electrical equipment in order to prevent damage or injury.

9. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures: Draft Deflection

Another common, though often overlooked, use for outdoor electrical enclosures pertains to draft deflection. Across industries and applications, there is an established need to protect electrical systems from harmful airflow, especially in outdoor environments. An electrical enclosure provides an easy fix to this problem, and with a variety of materials to choose from, customers can even find solutions for transparent outdoor electrical enclosures if necessary!

10. Outdoor Electrical Enclosures: Residential Outlets

Lastly, perhaps the most prevalent use for outdoor electrical enclosures concerns residential outlets. Outdoor outlets can serve a variety of different purposes for a house and its residents, such as providing a way to accommodate outdoor lighting or presenting itself as a power source for outdoor tools and equipment. As with the many other outdoor electrical enclosures already mentioned, these outlets are waterproofed and weatherproofed, ensuring safety to residents.

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Jon Gelston

Written by Jon Gelston