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Advantages of Project-Specific Sourcing for Plastic Injection Tooling

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 20, 2016 11:31:51 AM / by Jon Gelston


The concept of the one-stop shop as it applies to plastic injection molding goes back many decades. Historically, injection molders sought to deliver more value to their customers by handling every aspect of a project in-house, beginning with designing and developing molds.

In an era before the internet and smartphones, that made good sense. Finding a toolmaker with a certain kind of expertise meant sitting at a desk, flipping through a phone book, and spending countless hours playing phone tag. However, because you were making your decision to use a particular vendor based primarily on a conversation, you could STILL end up with inadequate tooling.


Unlimited Options for Delivering Outstanding Outcomes

Today, electronic communication tools and interchangeable file formats enable collaboration with specialists.  Whether the toolmaker’s specialty is large tooling vs. small, precision vs. budget, standard lead time vs. quick turnaround, finding the company that specializes in your need will not only improve your satisfaction but also your budget. 

By changing the old ways of doing things, companies are no longer limited by the capabilities of their injection molder’s in-house toolmaking department.  The new way empowers companies to match the skills and capabilities to their needs. 


Seamless Outsourcing

Breaking apart the toolmaking and injection molding doesn’t have to mean more hassle for you.  Many injection molders maintain relationships with toolmakers to handle overflow work.  Since your injection molder is likely to be a large consumer of injection molds, they should be able to help select the right toolmaker for the job and be upfront about their limitations when it comes to your program.  From there, it should be your choice to contract directly with the toolmaker or go through your injection molder to manage the build and delivery of your tooling.

Because the rules have changed and more options are on the table, the right injection molder can help guide you through the decisions that are best for you.  The benefits of the new way are worth it for you: you will find the right tooling and the right vendors who are best suited to meet your needs.


Your Tools

After delivery of your tool, whether contracted directly with a toolmaker, subcontracted through an injection molder, or contracted directly with an injection molder, it is your asset unless you’ve negotiated some other terms.  It is yours to do as you wish, and your molder’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for it.


Never Stop Learning

For more than 20 years we’ve continually enhanced our ability to produce the top quality parts our customers need for their end products through assessing and adopting the best equipment and processes available. The project-specific sourcing of toolmaking is just another example of a new way of thinking about plastic injection molding.

How can you put this effective approach to work for your company? Contact us when you’re pondering your next project and we’ll explain in detail.

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Jon Gelston

Written by Jon Gelston