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When Should You Waterproof Your Electronics Devices? Here’s An Answer.

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 5, 2022 2:03:14 PM / by Jon Gelston


Waterproofing is a game changing value-added service that many customers take advantage of, as this capability allows for better quality control and typically increases the expected lifespan of electronic products. While waterproofing is not the best choice for every project, it can be a great asset for many. Explore the applications that most benefit from this service below:

Waterproofing For Electronic Devices Requiring Reliability

When electronic devices are exposed to moisture, functionality is quickly compromised. Water can cause shorts within electronics that are not properly waterproofed. Because of this, you should waterproof any electronics that must perform according to utmost standards of reliability. For example, electronic devices that are used within the medical industry may have life or death consequences if they malfunction. For that reason, it is wise to completely waterproof such integral electronic devices.

Waterproofing Electronic Devices as a Long-Lasting Differentiator

Even if the potential failure of an electronic device is not as critical as the example mentioned above, by protecting electronic devices against water exposure, our customers are able to differentiate their products from their competition. By providing end-users with an assurance that their product will be durable and capable of long-term use, clients that use waterproofing gain a reputation for quality in their field and earn repeat business. Processes like conformal coating are relatively simple methods that ultimately save end-users time and money.

Waterproofing Electronic Devices Against Exposure to Harsh Environments

Perhaps the most obvious time to invest in waterproofing for electronic devices is when the product is intended for use in particularly harsh or water-prone environments. While some electronic devices may experience occasional splashes of water and other liquids, products that are designed for outdoor use are especially susceptible to constant exposure to rain, snow, and other hazardous elements. By providing a completely waterproofed electronic device for even the harshest conditions, electronic manufacturers are able to more fully gain the trust and repeat business of their customers.

An Alternative to Waterproofing Electronic Devices: Water Resistant Manufacturing

Because moisture exposure presents a significant risk for any electronic device, it may seem like every project ought to involve waterproofing. Not every project requires complete protection against water, however. One reason that some customers do not commit their electronic device projects to the entire waterproofing process is because they opt instead for water resistant treatment.

There is a difference between waterproofed products and water resistant electronic devices, as water resistant provides reinforced protection against low levels of moisture, while waterproofing is a more comprehensive protection against water. If you are on the fence about whether or not your electronic devices require waterproofing treatment, or simply would benefit from water resistant treatments, our experts would be happy to review your product designs to help discern the best option for you!

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Jon Gelston

Written by Jon Gelston